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I'm Jordan Wasatch.
I currently go to the Episcopalian church, and it is a church that I am VERY happy with. My priest is amazing -- I love his sermons, and he is so understanding, especially when it comes to queer issues.
Since I'm from Utah, I have a lot of contact with Mormons. They're not bad people, I swear. I've met a lot of Mormons who are more accepting than so-called "liberal" people, in fact. Still... it's a little tough because the dominant paradigm of Utah is... well. Very conservative.
I'm queer and genderqueer -- ask if you have any questions about those. But I'm also interested in a gazillion different things -- check out my 'interests' page if you want.
As for spirituality... I call myself an "agnostic". I feel that most agnostics are atheists who don't want to admit that they are atheists, though. I, on the other hand, believe that there is a greater power out there. And, as I said, I absolutely love the Episcopal church.
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I just joined an Episcopal church here in central Fl and I love it too.